Experience industry leading security, compliance and absolute peace of mind.

We take security very seriously. Hacking, cyber threats and ransomware are at an all-time high and the risks have never been greater. Give yourself peace of mind, work with an Escrow company that has taken every possible step to eliminate risk and provide protection. Here are a few of the processes and technologies that we have implemented to keep finances and confidential information secure and ensure a successful transaction.


Our SSAE18 Compliance requires companies like ours to create, maintain and regularly audit processes that protect non-public information on all parties within an Escrow. As such:

• all parties with access to NPI (non-public information) undergo background checks
• we have developed extensive physical, logical and network access controls
• we have up-to-the minute data breach reporting
• all of our data is backed-up with multiple off-site redundancies
• our network and security practices are audited regularly by trusted third party providers
•encrypted emails
• 24 hour monitoring for viruses
• secure back up to data center


With the rapid changes in technology, every company now has some sort of cybercrime exposure. Criminals are now using viruses, phishing or other traditional hacking methods to steal an individual’s personal information. Escrow Today has gone to great lengths to ensure that our customers can feel protected against these threats by obtaining Cyber Crime and Cyber Liability policies. We want every customer to know that their information is safe with us.