Creating a positive environment for staff is crucial to Escrow Today to meet it’s customer’s high standards. Our team’s skills and our management’s support work effectively in collaboration daily. We enjoy our achievements and challenges together making a happy and effective workplace.

Each of our officers is fully qualified and experienced in the business and many of them have been with Escrow Today for over ten years. As a company, our core values are teamwork, integrity and excellence. Every person on our team is deeply committed to protecting the relationship our agents have with their customers.



Our support staff, administrators, attorneys and business development professionals empower our escrow officers to keep focused on what matters, closing transactions as swiftly and efficiently as possible.



Many of our agents have worked with us for decades. Our company, and every transaction we facilitate is built on the highest standards of integrity. We believe our work should show the strength of our principles and values.



We are leading the industry and creating the standard for security and compliance. As an independent licensed company we provide the highest level of service available in the industry.



of Escrow Today

In her early twenties she began as a receptionist and advanced to hold every position in the escrow ranks; escrow assistant, escrow officer and sales account manager until opening Escrow Today in 1998. With her at the helm, Escrow Today has seen twenty years of continual growth. Genie is natural born fixer and problem solver, with the ability to see the root of an issue and get it resolved. This talent is what has landed her in a leadership position that utilizes her love of promoting people and making their ambitions a reality. She approaches her role as more of coach than a boss, allowing individuals to work independently while focusing on contributing to the building of their business and supporting them by providing education, training and the tools for success. She knows that if the escrow officers have the right tools and company support, they will reach their goals. This also creates a positive work environment where everyone succeeds. Genie focuses on continually developing relationships and her knowledge to ensure that Escrow Today is at the cutting edge of the real estate industry. This allows Escrow Today to stay on top of technology trends and the market demands of fraud protection, as well as the priority of customer service and privacy. She knows how to promote, succeed and grow in this industry, because she’s done it. She believes that you don’t climb the ladder of success, others pull you up the ladder, and she strives to be that person. After the thirty years in this industry, her unyielding energy, spirit and excitement is evident in the many successful people who have been inspired and grown through Escrow Today and her leadership.

Among Genie’s favorite things are her family, her husband of 25 years, two daughters, three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and two rescue cats. She is an animal lover, loves watching movies, running and yoga.


Client Relations and Business Development

Leonard has been with Escrow Today since 1999. He worked in account management for several years prior to joining Escrow Today, and his experience shows in his dedication to his clients. His main goal is to always put the clients first, and does whatever he can to make them look like superstars. He believes in supporting our escrow officers and he knows that when they are happy, the clients are happy.

Leonard is a dedicated family man that loves spending time with his wife of 25 years and their three daughters. He enjoys traveling, cheering on Los Angeles sports teams and is an avid music collector.



Kimberly has been with Escrow Today since 2003, when she joined our team at the age of 18. She started with us as a file clerk and worked her way up to being an essential part of our team as Operations Manager. She promotes our team attitude with her hands on approach to management. She handles the day to day operations, assists staff with any issues that may arise and is a great problem solver who can find a solution to any escrow file challenge. Kimberly believes in an ‘employee first’ philosophy and her dedication and attention to detail ensure that our team is always taken care of, focusing on providing the escrow officers with all the tools they need to succeed.

Kimberly enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and hanging out with her dogs Otis and Ace.


Our escrow officers have the highest standards in training, professional association and certification:

• Certification
• Regular continuing education
• State and local escrow association membership